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Julian Assange / Wikileaks is the natural son of Lorenz

2010/12/02 Commentaires fermés

We are working like crazy on Wikileaks and of course Julian Assange whose portrait is being painted on the walls of the Abode with a specifically Abodian interpretation

For those who have just arrived on Planet Earth, let me remind you that what we are experiencing since last Sunday evening is the “Pearl Harbor of Global Democracy” according to Hilary Clinton and the “9/11 of American Diplomacy” according to Barak Obama and his advisors. After 400,000 secret documents on the operating methods of the US army in Iraq, Assange has broken the sound barrier since Sunday with 250,000 diplomatic cables that concern 179 countries! Le Monde, Der Spiegel, El País, the Guardian and the New York Times… according to the latter, more than 1,200 journalists are picking their way through roughly half a billion words of extremely contemporary cables, the most recent of which dates from March 2010. For historians who normally have to wait 50 years before getting access to such material, this is a dream come true. In this case the diplomatic cables are not much older than 7 months. Their scope is colossal. Hence the US State Department’s cry of “murder”…

My dear little wolves and she-wolves, in truth, I tell you, Sunday night tens of thousands of writers put an end to their lives … Imagine you were a Sci-Fi or Anticipation writer, director of Sci-Fi – Fantasy Collection at Pocket, Denoël or Rivages.

According to Laurent COURAU, the mythical founder of the Spirale who is postponing his suicide, “Assange and Wikileaks have definitively relegated fiction to beneath reality and we are seeing a veritable incarnation of the cyber-punk imagination right now in this early 21st century”. In my view, Laurent has this extraordinary capacity to generate a fiction never conceptualised, in a virtual and hyperrealist world. The animal is already flexing its dick to send out a new leak that will give serious headaches to writers.

As I see it, Julian Assange is the natural son of Lorenz (Edward Norton), he is quite simply the “Black Swan” of the beginning of this century… he is breaking the seals one by one in the agora of the ethers that is Internet.

Last precaution: Julian Assange has placed a small encrypted file entitled Insurance History on the Swedish Server of Pirate Bay (specialist in the illegal download of music and film music). On Twitter, he recommends that his followers download the file and await his instructions…

thierry Ehrmann

Julian Assange - Wikileaks

thierry Ehrmann, Abode Of Chaos / Demeure du Chaos 2010

Peinture: Thomas Foucher


courtesy of Organ Museum