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An angel will land at the Abode of Chaos, Contemporary Art Museum, HQ Artprice

2019/05/22 Commentaires fermés

As of 18:00 this evening, an angel will land at the Abode of Chaos and will remain forever. Cut from a 10-ton block of Izaourt marble, the angel will be positioned tonight.
The masterpiece by Rémy Teulier, a sculptor and brother-in-arms, is to join the collective oeuvre of the Demeure du Chaos sharing our common values of alchemy, esotericism, gnosis, redemption and fraternity.
Come see Le Messager (the Messenger) as of this Saturday 25 May at 2:30 pm.

Photo: thierry Ehrmann / Le Messager at the Abode of Chaos
Le Messager by Rémy Teulier, Sculptor

Immediately upon entering the 229th edition of the Salon des Artistes Français under the magnificent glass nave of the Grand Palais, the work catches your eye, and I immediately observed its power of attraction as the majority of visitors spontaneously headed towards it.
Le Messager is the work of sculptor Rémy Teulier.
Cut from a single block of Izaourt marble, its dimensions are impressive… the Messenger is life size (185 x 160 x 120).
The initial block weighed ten tons… the sculpture now weighs 800 kilos.
Its wings are spread, open, mature, and yet at rest. But we feel that it wouldn’t take much for them to seek to gain height when the time comes, like those of the angel of freedom.
For now they are stable, attentive and at rest. The hooded angel has one knee on the ground and the other forming a bridge-like arch echoing one hand holding a triangle and the other handling a compass, both tools that are anchored in matter…
On the ground we see a square within a circle in reference to Da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, but the jeans, the sneakers, the jacket and the hood are resolutely in the present. A wonderful mix of eras… the message is timeless.
The curves and angles all reflect each other, the folds of the sweatshirt, the edges of the hood gently catching the wind… we expect to see his nostrils breathing or his eyes scanning, the marble and the spirit are in harmony… a search is underway… both concentration and introspection.
The skull – a simple vanity – reminds us that our time on earth is short, and the acacia branches suggest immortality of the soul.
This work seems masterful in my very subjective and personal view… the most captivating work in the exhibition.
The black marble and the white of the veins of calcite which run through it. Is it Marguerite Yourcenar’s Zeno messenger?
The work is a tremendous artistic feat, a truly perfect sculpture, both attractive and eliciting an emotional response.
The different strata in the marble seem to reflect the various sensations this marvelous sculpture produces: the massive base, both compact and wide at the same time; the middle, infinitely human, imbued with superb mental concentration, and the third, higher, dimension, symbolized by the majestic wings, reaching out to the sky and the divine…
To my eyes, the messenger represents the transmutation of matter… the Great Work is underway. There, beneath our eyes, the messenger guides us, the spirit is free from contingency, the marble has become sylphic, defying gravity…
Many thanks to Rémy Teulier for answering our questions, and congratulations for this masterful work, both mentoring and Masonic.

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