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thierry Ehrmann: « The FCC’s decision last night represents the most positive and significant event over the last 20 years of Artprice’s history »


Thierry Ehrmann, founder and CEO of Artprice:

“The FCC’s decision last night represents the most positive and significant event over the last 20 years of Artprice’s history and it confirms beyond any doubt Artprice’s revenue forecasts for the Internet kiosk payment system, which Artprice has always defended, rejecting all forms of online advertising and considering the purchase of Artprice content by credit card as an outright commercial heresy.”

Artprice reacts to the decision on 14 December 2017 by the powerful American Federal Commission of Communications (FCC) that repealed the principle of Internet neutrality.

Contrary to the speculative and truncated analyses that have been circulating, this decision is in the best interests and provides better legal protection *footnote for Internet users, Telecom operators and high-quality content publishers like Artprice.

Remember that Artprice’s IPO prospectus and all its reference documents subsequently filed with the AMF indicate that Artprice had always unambiguously preferred the Internet kiosk payment system – billed from $1 to $5 per minute, with 80% credited to the content provider by the Telecom operator, which charges the subscriber directly via his telephone/Internet bill.

Indeed, Artprice has always categorically rejected online advertising, considering it negative for Internet users, because, unlike the television where viewers are passive, Internet users are by nature active and see online advertising as an annoying obstacle to their search for information.

Similarly the purchase of content with a credit card takes an unimaginably long time and is a very tedious process that is getting more and more complicated as the years go by.

Proof of this is provided by French provider Orange® in a Wanadoo® document that stipulates that 70% of its clients drop out of content purchases when confronted with the current bankcard payment system – excluding purchases of physical goods… which Artprice doesn’t sell.

As of 1985, Server Group, Artprice’s parent company, built its position as French leader of the Teletel (Minitel) with access to its legal, judicial and economic databanks, charged between 5.57 francs/minute and 9.21 francs/minute.

In 20 years of mergers and acquisitions, Server Group helped numerous content publishers switch from subscription fee mode 3614 dial-up short code to kiosk payment mode 3617 ($1/minute) or 3629 ($2/minute) dial-up short codes. Each time, the turnover of the publisher was multiplied by a minimum of 5 times within 2 months (it took the DGAT – French General Directorate Telematics Affairs – 45 days to implement the switch).

In the area of accounting, Artprice itself has irrefutable proof that the kiosk system boosts revenue very significantly.

After its acquisition of Artprice Annual (among its many other acquisitions), Artprice discovered that a Minitel company holding the 3617 Artcote franchise since 1991 generated an excellent turnover very close to its net income, with just 4 updates per year and no provision of indices, images (reproductions of artworks), information concerning future sales, artists’ biographies and no search, selection, or decision support tools… and no alerts. In short, despite these major handicaps, the company generated a better revenue, on a like-for-like basis, than Artprice, until 2000.

Moreover, concerning France, Artprice has undeniable scientific and economic evidence that during the Minitel era, the French Ministry of Telecommunications (via its State subsidiary Transpac) experienced substantial Teletel data flow problems. In 1985 the Telecom Ministry invested heavily via Transpac to ensure the smooth flow of content from the server centres to the 14 million Minitel users.

That same year, dial-up short code 3614, with its paid subscription by check or credit card, was shelved and replaced more than 95% by the kiosk payment system.

What happened on 14 December 2017 with the FCC vote is a similar response.


In simple terms, the FCC ruling now allows Internet operators in the world, including the 13 root servers in the US (because the Internet is indeed under American tutelage) to guarantee the reliability of contents from A (content servers in the world) to Z (end customers) with a perfectly controlled flow, which was not the case until the vote to repeal Internet neutrality.

This historic vote will set the foundations for a properly dynamic and ‘virtuous’ economy and protect consumers who will benefit from a proper legal protection on purchased data. The introduction of contract law into the provision of contents will prevent the dissemination of “fake news” as well as of countless other forms of Internet misuse and abuse. Copyright thierry Ehrmann 1987/2017

About Artprice:

Artprice celebrates its 20th birthday, editorial by thierry Ehrmann, founder and CEO of Artprice.

Artprice is listed on the Eurolist by Euronext Paris, SRD long only and Euroclear: 7478 – Bloomberg: PRC – Reuters: ARTF.

Artprice is the global leader in art price and art index databanks. It has over 30 million indices and auction results covering more than 700,000 artists. Artprice Images(R) gives unlimited access to the largest Art Market resource in the world: a library of 126 million images or prints of artworks from the year 1700 to the present day, along with comments by Artprice’s art historians.

Artprice permanently enriches its databanks with information from 6,300 auctioneers and it publishes a constant flow of art market trends for the world’s principal news agencies and approximately 7,200 international press publications. For its 4,500,000 members, Artprice gives access to the world’s leading Standardised Marketplace for buying and selling art. Artprice is preparing its blockchain for the Art Market. It is BPI-labelled (scientific national French label).

Artprice’s Global Art Market Annual Report for 2016 published last March 2017:

Artprice’s Contemporary Art Market Annual Report for 2016 – free access at

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