POST-NUKE : Cyber-Punk Last Supper in the Heart of the Abode of Chaos


The Last Supper II

This digital reworking of Leonardo da Vinci’s most universal painting, the Last Supper, is the first of the 99 works of the art book to be published by the OrgAne Museum in the first semester of 2011. Our lives are a series of encounters consisting of the poetic symmetry dear to Baudelaire’s heart. In this case, the universe of Christophe Dessaigne/Midnight-digital and the universe of the Abode of Chaos share the same world view. To the prejudice of certain people, the culture that is common to the cyberpunk clergy of the Abode and Midnight-digital is the “Post-Apo”, also known as Post-Apocalyptic or post-Nuke (Post-Nuclear).

This approach is based on a veritable philosophy between the end of a civilisation and the emergence of a chaos that found a new world. Far from being a contradiction, this aesthetic and existential approach is certainly Nietzschean by the challenges to be faced in the romanticism of the ruins of the Western World; but it is also profoundly humanist because it allows us to imagine and to build a set of principles on our real world.

Etymologically speaking, the Apocalypse is a revelation. Our work with Christophe will be to share with you, within the realm of Art, a fraternal look at the embers of white man’s Empire in ruins. We therefore have to start with our first work. It was, without any hesitation, the Last Supper that confirmed Da Vinci’s thesis of “movements of the soul”, the intensity of which is intemporal.

This reworking of the painting thus allows us to open our works in the Bunker of the Abode of Chaos, which is one of the Cathedrals of Light of the Post-Apocalyptic era. This fraternal and symbolic communion could only be lived by the cyberpunk clergy of the inner circle of the Abode of Chaos.

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